Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Power of the Human Mind

The brain is undoubtedly the most powerful organ as far as the human anatomy is concerned. It has the ability to process data at a speed of 10 quadrillion (1016) bits per second, a feat only achieved by the fasted super-computer in the World.

In 1997, Gary Kasparov is known to be the World’s greatest chess player to have ever lived. Unfortunately (or fortunately for his countrymen) he is now into active politics in Russia. He played 6 chess games with a specially made IBM computer which was put together by Murray Campbell purposely for this occasion. Against the computer. Kasparov won one game drew three and lost two to the supercomputer which was manipulated by five other programmers in the background . Although he lost I believe this feat is one of the greatest achievements by the human brain considering the technology behind the supercomputer's functions.

I majored in Psychology and therefore had the chance to appreciate the physiology and morphology of the human brain. I believe mankind has gotten this far primarily because of this organ of great potential. A mass of neurons and millions of nerve endings sending and receiving messages via electricity just so that you can make sense out of this very sentence you are reading! I don’t know about you but to me it is a mystery. 

I once watched a documentary on National Geographic in which a group of Bhuddists voluntarily raised their body temperatures and with this were able used their bodies to dry towels which had been dipped into water. I found this to very surprising and nearly disbelieved it. I have read around the subject and have realised that the mind is in fact more powerful than we even think. Psychokinesis and Telekinesis are mysteries that portay how powerful the human mind is. Maybe as humans we tend to undermind how powerful we are in our lives sequencially we limit our ability and strength.

Not too long ago I made a presentation with a fellow on vision boards and the law of attraction. It was then that it all came to me. The power of attraction is known to be the secret behind great people’s success (I am sure the thought were complimented by positive action).The law of attraction, states that we as humans attract into our lives anything that we give attention to, regardless whether it be positive or negative. It is therefore in our own interest to pay more attention to the positive parts of our lives like the mansion or bike we have been hoping for throughout our whole lives. If one can visualize it in the mind, then it can be achieved with the body in reality. 


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The human brain is a very great part of the body. Just a group of nerve cells working together and its even more complex than what happens within each of these cells. If the brain is that complex... what then can we say about the human being? Marvelously complex. The complexity of the human being is such that even the little we know about ourselves should make us appreciate the greatness of our designer. Trust me when I say... not all the years since the big bang can result in the formation and the complexity behind the human brain by chance... so that by the time we come to kno all about the human being... we would appreciate the Great designer (Jehovah God)even better. Just hope it wouldnt be too late.
The brain is a powerful tool and it should make us appreciate the Creator and creation.

Edward Litors said...

You sound so much like me my friend. I wasn't a psychology major, but I took a few psych classes, and made A's because of my interest and fascination of the human mind and how it works. I look around me every day and see how much we have evolved. From buildings, to highways, to technology. But guess what, these things are a product of the law of attraction. It was a Thought, which became a Feeling, which was put into Action, and the Results are what you see. We just have to learn that negative thoughts and feelings are what's stopping us from becoming one with Source, which is needed to achieve those great things we too are destined to achieve on this wonderful planet called Earth! Good Post.

Edward said...

@ Bright|| I can see you are a big fan of the big bang theory huh!

Mano said...


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