Monday, August 31, 2009

The Joy Fm Old-Skull Reunion could have been better

Joy fm is one of my favorite stations in the country mainly because of the level of professionalism they attach to the broadcasting business. Furthermore Joy Fm has added a few more interesting and creative touches to the competitive radio industry. The Bridal Fair, Easter Soup Kitchen and the Old Skull re-union evidently are enough to support my compliments. I attended the 9th edition of the Old Skull re-union and I was very excited and impressed with the amount of effort that had gone into the organization of a program of this magnitude. I however think a few holes could have been tightly sealed to make it more enjoyable for the greater majority.

I must doff my hat to the organizing team for such a spectacular event at the Ghana International Trade Fair. Many schools were invited to come to the Joy Fm studio to introduce their schools and reminisce some High School happenings. These activities I believe went a long way to create the necessary hype for the much-awaited-for re-union. It was also an avenue for the BIG companies in Ghana to advertise to the energetic crowd of youthful intellect. Coca-Cola, Zain, Hitz fm and Joy fm were ubiquitous.

I however think this show would have passed for an excellent one had a few set-backs been attended to. Before and after the program, there was a “glue” traffic jam in La, and this created some inconvenience to some motorists and passengers who had nothing to do with the re-union. I believe the organizers could in the future suggest to the patrons to park their cars a few miles away from the Trade Fair premise and board buses that should be provided by Joy Fm. This strategy will help resolve the traffic discomforts.

Next is the lack of control at the program. I witnessed a few cases of harassment where some unscrupulous individuals pounced on ladies and attempted one of several acts. I believe it is very possible to make the program enjoyable for everyone. All the red shirts that were to monitor the level of discipline among the attendants had all gathered on the stage watching the stars perform. Whiles many took the law into their own hands and did what they wanted. Is the Trade Fair not under Ghanaian legislation? If so then why should people be allowed to harass others and just walk away with ugly smiling faces? Also is it allowed to walk naked in Ghana? If not, then why it was possible at the Trade Fair and no one seemed to care?

Next is the issue of poor communication at the Fair. I educated well enough to understand that the population of cell phones at the program will cause some connection problems (and I also expect the organizers to know that too). I however also know very well that the communication networks can put up ad-hoc strictures to support communication at the Fair. What is the point in going to an Old Skull re-union just to miss the rare chance of meeting school mates one had not seen in years? Just because one’s network could not support a simple call? I find it somewhat embarrassing when ZAIN is one of the main sponsors and yet experience communication problems at the grounds.

It looks like slowly this program is being abused by certain individuals who lack discipline and moral. Profanity, nudity and Immorality were what I saw for a greater part of the day. I pray the organizers will attend to these pressing issues. Next year will be the 10 edition of this extra-ordinary celebration and I hope the organizing members will go back to the drawing board and make the next Old Skull re-union more enjoyable for everyone.


Kwegyirba said...

The first(AND ONLY/DEFINITELY THE LAST)time I went to the program some 3/4 yrs ago, some unscrupulous person touched my bottom and grinned his ugly face away. There were just too many rowdy and uncouth people there. I wasn't the only one to be violated that way. Its sad that its still happening.

Anonymous said...

I must say this blogger is a very interesting guy. How come all your posts seem to bash events that happen in Ghana? First Obama's visit, now this. Please praise a little ok?

Edward: said...

@ Kwegyirba, I did witness these unholy acts myself. Someone needs to put a stop to it before the Old School reunion turns into a annual orgy festival.

Edward: said...

@ Anonymous, thank you very much for the 'compliment'. I do praise Ghana when it needs to be praised. I just think these issues need to be addressed as soon as possible

novisi said...

harassment is bad and should be condemned whether in the church or at old-skull reunion.

but i'm against any law that prohibits nudity!

the pictures depict enactment of some acts. make-believe right? there's nothing wrong about those!

let the people feel free.

Edward: said...

@ Novisi, it good you are not against nudity, I however have a different opinion. Since we are higher-order cognition animal, there is the need for us to differentiate ourselves from other species such as dogs and pigs.

And about the the enactments, I believe the old school reunion is to enact high school happenings such as senior-junior relations or headmaster's discipline. But what I saw at the fair was men wearing G-strings and braziers.

It is very unfortunate I might not be able to upload some of the pics I got from the fair. Trust me Novisi there is no old school flavor in them!!!!

novisi said...

i wonder what different things happen in the old schools from what happens in the larger society! it's the same kind of things only different people at different times and places.

it's the same enactments. boys wear G-strings in the schools on some special occasions (i'm a Vandal so this i know). so that is what they are re-enacting. lol.

i believe that what is more important for us humans is to use our brains for working for better governance systems (as social beings) and scientific advancements and the like.

covering every inch of the skin as a matter of showing that man is a "higher-order cognition animal" is neither here nor there! there are nudists who do wonderful things!

so as for me i don't care if you come to me nude or clothed. i care more about what you have to tell me or how you treat me.