Monday, September 7, 2009

Ghana qualifies for the World Cup

After Ghana thrashed Sudan by two goals to nothing, Ghanaian were so ecstatic most of them poured out unto the streets to celebrate another World Cup entry. Hitherto qualification to World Cup events was a very big task for Ghana. It however looks like Ghana has gotten over its biggest fear. The football-loving nation first qualified to the Germany World Cup some three years ago and has once again made history by being the first African Nation to qualify for WOZA 2010 and for that matter Angola 2010.

Thanks the Morinho's favorites and Ghana's midfield dynamos Sulley Muntari and Michael Essien, Ghana can now relax in their seats and watch how the game flows with two matches to go.

I am ecstatic too because once again Ghana can benefit from the unity that encompassed the whole nation. When Ghana made spectacular achievements at the last world cup, the country was magically united. I believe Ghana needs some sip from the football concoction once again.

This time around I pray the Ghana Black Stars will get a step further than they did in their previous appearance. Go Black Stars go!!!

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