Thursday, September 17, 2009

Nkruamah was a saviour but not a messiah!

I was at the Nebuke Foundation for an art exhibition last weekend. Among the many pictures that were, in the gallery it was one particular one that caught my attention.

Nkrumah had been described in 13 different ways. I wanted to share that with you so that you tell me what you think. Are these terms really objective definition or just another hero worship for Kwame Nkrumah?

  1. The Messiah
  2. The Saviour
  3. Fountain of Honor
  4. Teacher
  5. Redemeer
  6. Leader
  7. The Infallible
  8. The Ideolgical Mentor
  9. Show Boy
  10. Osagyefo
  11. Asomdwehene
  12. Oyadieeyie
  13. Kasapreko


Nana Fredua-Agyeman said...

each has its own connotation. I know people would complain about the 'messiah' name. But for me, an unreligious person (spiritually though), I think with respect to the situation all the names do apply. Saviour because he saved us from the hooks of slavery etc...

Abena said...

Very, very interesting.... Take away "Show Boy" and we could be talking about Jesus! I think these descriptions are way over the top "The Infallible" ? Can any human being actually be infallible?

@Nana F-A: But we hooked ourselves back into slavery soon after!!

Edward of PathGhana said...

@ Nana and Abena|| I also had a problem with the "infallible" and even the "Messiah". Com'on Nana, the man pulled a few bad stunts...I am sure that caused his overthrow.

Mike said...

I'm on the prowl, looking to drop some basics on Nkrumah blog discussions. So far, this is my second comment. QUALITY, people. Another word - Efficiency. Look how much this man achieved in such a short time. Think about this: Ghana was talking Atomic Energy 45+ yrs ago. What do Nkrumah haters have to say about that?
BTW, I'm not an Nkrumahist nor CPP-ist. I just give credit where credit is due.
Obama is being labelled a Socialist. If or when he gets the US out of this slump, he will be a hero. right?
Look how far Ghadaffi & Castro have taken their countries. If they weren't worth a dime, the US wouldnt bother talking to them now, would they? Obviously, they are!!

My apologies Tagoe Blogger, for the exclamations. I'm just tired of the bashing when we as a country haven't done much beyond what Nkrumah did.

Edward of PathGhana said...

@ Mike, you have raised very interesting issues. But these are objective issues. The fact that Ghana is celebrating Nkrumah's centenary doesn't necessary mean we should sing praises to him.

My previous blog posts were worship songs for Osagyefo. But truth be told, Nkrumah is not infallible, we also need to discuss the areas he went wrong in.

novisi said...

these names don't mean nothing!

they only show a people who were not ready to think along the man Nkrumah for advancement but instead preferred to sing praises to him when men and women should have been in deep thought and hence work about ways of improving our lot!

the aspect that scandalizes the sperm that became me is the fact that some people jump on these names to make it look like Nkrumah gave them to himself.

Nkrumah speaks for himself but these....
just foolish fantasy that tells the shirking of responsibility on the part of the name-givers!

even Jesus, i won't give these names yet!

Edward of PathGhana said...

point well made Novisi. But I also think that, it is very possible for a man like Nkrumah to refuse certain names. Silence they say connoted some affirmation and concern. John the baptizer was once called the Messiah, he clearly made the "praising crowed" know that he was not the Messiah, but someone else more powerful than him.

Nkrumah could have painted this picture in the minds of those who thought he was infallible, Messiah and all!!!!

novisi said...

Yes Edward,
that angle of Nkrumah stepping out (like i would have done) to differentiate himself from a 'messiah' kind of entity is clear.

if you remember it's the kind of point i made about Kufuor coming out to speak against the so called NGO that seeks to 'enrich' his personal comfort with the establishment of a fund to buy him BMWs. (ref.

having said that, i must say that i'm not sure whether Nkrumah was a lover of the praise singing! i'm still looking into that aspect of the man!

but the praise singing aside, Nkrumah's ideas and works speaks volumes that even make set these praise singing into the background.

Nkrumah was a serious man and mind who we cannot even accuse of spending his time and hence the nations time enjoying such praise-singing!

Nkrumah is the kind of person, who is comparable to Martin Luther King Jnr, Mahatma Gandhi, Einstein etc etc etc. This is a man who like a few others marked clear turning points in the history of man!

like a few others, Nkrumah's ideas and works were far reaching beyond the borders of nations!

so as for me, i'd rather not spend time bothering about such praise singing that don't mean nothing compared to what Nkrumah demonstrated to believe in.