Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11- A day the World will never forget

I can still remember the scene of a fuming sky scraper on national Television. Not too long afterwards a bird-like object flew into the second twin. Crippling it after it had consumed its internals and the breathless therein. On the radio Fiifi Banson’s voice was hoarse but angry at the unforgiving act against humanity. Once again America had attacked it own on a day least expected.

It’s been eight years since this act was committed by the Al-Qaeda. America was attacked but the world suffered the consequences. All others wept with the bereaved and shared in their grief. Days after the horrible event, the effects were more visible sending ripples through the world economy.

Fewer visas were of course issued. No one traveled unless it was a matter of life and death, at least not by air! Prices climbed higher and higher sparing no one it its way. After the wounded had wiped its tears they spat fire. The hunter was haunted from afar. And when all was done and clear, more harm had been created. Problems in Afghanistan and more trouble in Iraq. A useless quest for non-existing machines rumored to possess crippling capabilities. Days will go and others will come but no one will ever forget Nine-Eleven.

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