Friday, January 15, 2010

The Haiti Disaster - Ghana must help

Tuesday, 12th January 2010 will definitely go down history as one of the most memorable days in the world. Haiti was struck by a 7.0 earthquake caused not only Haiti but the rest of the world as well. Total number of lives lost is yet to be made certain, but I hear the number runs over 50,000 people. All of a sudden the term “Re Cross Haiti” has become one of the most search terms on Google.

One thing I must commend is the way people have gone out of their ways to deep their hands deep into their pockets to make donations towards relief processes. President Obama together with all mobile networks started an initiative we all must applaud. This allows mobile users in the US to donate $10 to the Red Cross to help with the disastrous situation in Haiti following a major earthquake. So far a total amount of over $5 million has been realized. All users have to do it to text “HAITI” to 90999.

Other superstars and sportsmen like Tiger Woods and Haitian-born rap star Wyclef Jean have also donated their time and money to ensure that the situation in Haiti gets better. Tiger Woods donated an amount of $3 million to Wyclef’s Yele foundation.

Ghana is yet to join the chain of ‘helpers’, on January 15th the President of Ghana expressed condolence to the president and people of Haiti. I seriously think more can be done although Ghana is a third world nation. The Obama initiative in the US I believe can also be replicated in Ghana. I am sure we can all put In our widow’s might if these options are provided on MTN, Tigo, Zain, Vodafone and Kasapa.

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