Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Vuvuzela;a swarm of angry bees

Invented some 20 years ago, the vuvuzela sometimes called lepatata, is one meter long, hated by Christiano Ronaldo and Patrice Evra, but admired by the soccer fans and branded by MTN, the official sponsor of this the South African 2010 World cup. Medical practitioners have even advised fans to exercise caution when in use for fear of a flu spread.

The LOC announced over the weekend that it would ban the use of the vuvuzela should there be enough reason to do so. This tournament had been slated to generate lots of discussions around the galaxy of stars paraded by the participating teams, instead, there are a lot more talks surrounding the noisy musical instrument and the Jabulani ball manufactured by Adidas. For Fifa, this does not sound encouraging in terms of the hype it wants to generate around the game of football.

As a fan myself I find it annoying sometimes, although I think it is a special object that will make the tournament different from all previous ones. Fifa has asked fans not to blow the vuvuzela during national anthems and public announcements at the stadium, I think this restriction should go a step further to reduce the noise levels. I cant predict accurately, but I think if Fifa and the South African LOC would want to make the South African word cup enjoyable, then something must be done about the swarm!


jacqueline said...

hmmm.i read abt it today at yahoo news ,and was really wondering if that is so harmful to the ears as the ears doctors claim.

but i think without it to the worldcup wouldnt be soo exicting but of course it shouldnt cause no harm to anyones ear. therefore dont knw if they could really ban it as planned.

Edward of PathGhana said...

Good points raised Jackie, but looks like the situation is a little bit more serious. The effect of just one vuvu can be entertained, but there are thousands of those in the stadium and players have actually started to complain about it. We have had several world cups without the vuvu, I think this one shouldn't be an exception!

jacqueline said...

Dear,i think the vuvu is what makes it all african since its the first time the World cup ,its being hosted on an africa ground.therefore we cant completely exclude it cos it give this game a lil bit of the african spice.
I think there must be a restriction to it though in the stdadim and everywhere its being played cos i dont think nonone wanna have damaged ears just after this world cup in SA.lol
it wouldnt look too good for Africa again to be a host of such event.lol