Thursday, October 21, 2010

Making education a priority in Ghana....when?

Education undoubtedly is key to Africa's problems. If third world nations like Ghana are truly willing to see themselves out of poverty in years to come, they would need to pay more attention to the challenges faced in its education sector.

This half of the year in particular, Ghana has been faced with a list of challenges as far as its education is concerned;

  1. University and Polytechnic lecturers were compelled to go on strike (after so many formal attempts) as a way of pushing for better conditions of service.
  2. Parents of first year senior high students were asked to pay extra for accommodation because there weren't enough furniture for boarding and lodging purposes. The unfortunate ones now have to travel miles from home to school.
  3. The one laptop per child initiative had to be called off because of lack of electricity in certain areas.
  4. There still is a good number of schools in Ghana that teach pupils under trees.
  5. Students loans are yet to be disbursed by the students' loan trust.
With these problems staring at us in the face, we still spend money on other areas that will help the country in no way. As a country we have a duty to provide the best education to our future leaders if we do see education as a priority.


Nana Yaw Sarpong said...

Finally, someone blogs on education in Ghana.

The university lecturers have not even asked for an improvement in their service conditions; they simply asked government to pay them their salary arrears. They have worked for over 13 months without seeing all their monthly salaries. So while we withdraw laptops from school children, we give more expensive ones to politicians who cannot even configure their phones.
I desist from the use of the phrase 'future leaders.' They keep pushing us into the future while they fill their belly. It is that simple.

Edward of PathGhana said...

Let's just hope we don't copy their behavior when we get to sit where they sit now- that is my prayer