Monday, December 20, 2010

Julian Assange - the Robin Hood of our time

The post below is a guest blog post by Kwaku Kyei Manu who blogs at

Wikileaks, the sujet du jour, grabbing headline banners on every form of printed and digital media one can see. The tabloids, local authorities, even the white house has been rocked by the revelations of this site. Some call them cyber terrorists, others label them as anarchists. Personally, I see them as modern day Merry Men led by the modern version of Robin Hood aka Julian Assange. They have once again taken the steps so many revolutionaries have and opened the floodgates and gotten people to question the authorities.

The twittersphere is ablaze with Wikileaks fever. Questions and theories are aplenty, and many are celebrating. Many question the validity of the information. All I can say, however is, the validity of the information is irrelevant, for this group of free thinkers, who volunteer their time to keep this site running have started a tide of change and indeed have stuck true to their mission statement;

"To radically shift regime behaviour we must think clearly and boldly for if we have learned anything, it is that regimes do not want to be changed. We must think beyond those who have gone before us and discover technological changes that embolden us with ways to act in which our forebears could not."[39][40][41] In his blog he wrote, "the more secretive or unjust an organisation is, the more leaks induce fear and paranoia in its leadership and planning coterie. ...”

Their exposés have left all organisations quaking in their boots, as rightly stated, in the short time they have been operating, they have shed light on more factual information than all the world press combined. In the midst of corporation-owned press only interested in shifting newspapers and making profit, they have gone back to the basics of journalism to report cold hard facts. No more speculation, no more murky details. This threat has been registered and all attempts are being made to blow out this beacon of truth. Wikileaks is the antihero in this media run world we live in. Viva la résistance, I say!

Whether they like it or not Wikileaks is here to stay, and should they shut it down, another incarnation is sure to rise. The sheer notorietythis site has earned itself will ensure it has supporters. I for one look forward to its future releases with glee.


Nana Fredua-Agyeman said...

The traditional corporate media houses which began as the watchdog of governments later gained power, dabbled in fishy deals and became like the very people they were monitoring. Now, they are worse than governments. That's where wikileaks comes in. These guys are just there. Take the information and put it out there without any interpretation. Let the people do it themselves.

As far as I am concerned no government has come out to deny any of the statements. The drug issue in Ghana is still boiling and none has debunked them. Rather, it has been affirmed. Thank you wikileaks.

Ghana_Hall_of_Shame said...

Assange should have been Person of the Year. But expecting Time magazine to give him that title would be like expecting me to wake up tomorrow speaking fluent Hausa.