Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Three things you can do to create HIV/AIDS awareness

Today is the first day of December, not only is it the very first day in the Christmas month, it is World Aids Day as well. People from different walks of life are creating HIV/AIDS awareness in their own small way. Below are three suggestion you can consider if you would want to join the campaign.
  • Tell someone what you know about HIV/AIDS
Twitter and other social platforms have been busy today with thousands of tweets and hundreds of status updates supporting the fight against this pandemic. I am sure you have a Facebook account and perhaps you are on twitter. You can tweet or retweet the many HIV tweets going round within your network. You can also add an HIV red ribbon on your avatar or Facebook profile picture by visiting twibbon. It wont take you more than a minute (that is if you have stable Internet!). Join the fight against stigmatization!
  • Take an HIV/AIDS test
Have you taken an HIV/AIDS test before? Why don't you take a test today? I found out from a friend that Noguchi Memorial offers free counselling and testing services every Wednesday and Saturday. If only we all knew our HIV statuses, I doubt we would engage in certain activities. You can get directions to Noguchi here.
  • Abstain, stop the spread!
Stay away from least just for today! If that will be difficult for you to bear, then why don't you use protection to avoid the risk of being infected or transmitting the virus to your partner.

Today is World/AIDS day, tell someone!

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