Monday, February 7, 2011

This can never happen in Ghana

Carlina White was abducted by Ann "Annugetta" Pettway in 1987. Pattway was so desperate for a child she decided to steal one from the hospital when the baby was just 19 days old. After 23 years the victim Carlina, through her own investigations found out she Pettway was't her mum. The circumstances that led to this discovery might have been very different Ghana had been the location. Did you ask why?

Carlina got suspicious because her fake mum, Pettway could not produce her birth certificate when she asked for it. Well, in Ghana, you can get a birth certificate in a day for almost anyone. This would not have been difficult for Pettway.

Also Carlina, looked into a database of lost missing babes categorized by date and location. It was from this website she resembled one of the babies reported missing in 1987. In Ghana, there is nothing such as a database for lost babies. No department has such a website, well , perhaps it's because no babies are stolen in Ghana.

One other major reason why I believe this incidence could have never happened in Ghana is the questioning of ones parentage. I am yet to meet any Ghanaian who has ever thought of questioning his/her parents relationship wit them.


Omanba Forum said...


i hope stuff like that don't really happen.

Graham said...

Hmmm..I have Ghanaian friends who have privately questioned their parentage especially when one parent appears to neglect them yet favour the other siblings. I guess the difference is they presume at least one of the parents is theres.

Because of the public nature of life in Ghana people are more aware of others' business so it would be harder to steal someone's baby. Yet ownership of children seems more flexible in Ghana than in my country.

Nana Fredua-Agyeman said...

You forgot to add that in Ghana people would walk right to you and tell you 'hey that man is not your father ooo. I know what I am saying. Come let me show you your father'...

Nana said...

lol @ Nana Fredua. SO TRUE.