Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Which telecom company offers the Best Customer Service?

Nandimobile is currently offering a customized version of it award winning Gripeline service to the organizers of the Ghana Telecom Summit 2011 for the purposes of collating votes for the telecom company in Ghana with the best customer service. The organizers of the summit will award the winner on the 29th April at a function in La Palm Hotel in Accra. Among the different categories, the Best Customer Service Category (bcsc) is the only one open to the general public.

The Ghana Telecom Summit Ghana ICT & Telecom Summit 2011 is designed to explore the critical business, service and technology strategies needed to ensure market competitiveness and exploit emerging opportunities for increased growth and profitability in Ghana ICT market. The main even will be held at the KACE-AITI on the 28th April.

From today, Nandimobile will announce the company leading in the voting, daily. Individuals can vote (ie. MTN, Expresso, Airtel, Tigo and Vodafone) by sending their choice to 1945 preceding with the keyword BCSC. Eg bcsc Safaricom to short code 1945.


Nana said...

Good one there NandiMobile

Edward Tagoe said...

Thanks a lot NY. We hope you have voted for your choice. To vote, text BCSC 'ur choice' to 1945 (tigo, mtn, airtel, expresso & Vodafone)

Unknown said...

nice interface

gamelmag said...

Go NandiMobile!

Edward Tagoe said...

@Alloysius - thanks for the compliments

@Gameli - Push push push push!! hehhehe

Laila Kivelä said...

For me all telecommunication company give good customer services,well congratulation to the best telecom giving a good service they deserve it.

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