Friday, May 15, 2009

My unanswered questions !


There have been more than a thousand questions rambling in my mind. Most of these questions have remained unanswered even after more than two and half-decades of my stay on earth. I must admit though that a few of them have been laid to rest by some of my professors or tutors in school who achieved this goal mainly because I was to believe these principles for examination purposes.

Is the earth really a ball? If the earth is really round and there are other people living on the southern  part of the hemisphere, then how come these people aren’t falling off the globe? I hear it is because of gravitational force (or is it gravity rather?). If it is because of this force that we are able to walk on earth without falling then how come aeroplanes that fly aren’t pulled down and crash? I forgot to ask, where does this globe we are even talking about come from? Some say there was once a BIG BANG, others preach the Adam and Even version of the earth’s creation. Some too say the world came out of ‘nothing’. Frankly I find it difficult to believe some of these stories. Not because I doubt the level of truth in them rather because I am forced to believe different things at different stages of my life. When I was little I was made to believe I came from my parents. This version was somewhat easy to swallow. Years later however my Biology professor taught me to believe I belong to a line of apes. I therefore share a great deal of DNA similarities with older generations of Orangutans and monkeys. That also sounded quiet true to admit (I can’t really tell if it was because of the examination factor!). I guess whenever I watch movies that have my ‘cousins’ in the cast, I am  more inclined to believe my level 200 Biology professor; there is such similarity in behavior and looks.

Why is the black man poor and the white man rich? I was born into a race through no fault of mine. I know of a few other pals who were born into developed nation through no effort of theirs. When I asked, my SSS teacher once told me that it was because of slave trade and colonization. It that is the case then I hear the US was also colonized by the British so why can they afford things that I can’t? Why should I go to a website, be willing to pay for a product or service on the site just to be told that my country has been blacklisted?  Why the word ‘blacklisted’ and not ‘white listed’ or ‘yellow listed’? Who made the black color bad and the white color good?

Why does Methuselah get 969 and I only get 75? Today’s man (or woman for the sake of political correctness) on the average lives up to 75 years. Some throw big parties if they are able to cross the 80 line. I asked why the average has dropped as though it were the Ghana cedi? Right from the close-to-thousand to a quarter short-of-a-hundred. I was told it was because of the kinds of food we eat nowadays. I was told our food contained too much cholesterol, sugar and fats. So then I asked why don’t those who live without these mentioned food types live up to 700 years then. I was told it is because God has made it so. I asked why God would allow someone to spend more time on earth than others, especially when he would want us to call him ‘just’. Is it for the person to suffer more or it is for us to enjoy less? Why do we even have to die in the first place? Can’t the world just keep on expanding as the human population increases?

Why are there more white inventors than black ones? I have a list of great inventors on my wall. Such geeks are Germans, British, America or from any other continent but mine. Why? Does it mean that the black man can’t find solutions to his own problems? Or does it rather mean that the white man always steals the ideas of my great-grandfathers after they have come up with such ideas? Think of them critically, the aeroplane, car, television, Internet, telephone and many other life’s essentials were brought forth by white skins.

Why maternity leave and not paternity leave? A couple of years ago, after High school my friends got the same aggregate in their SSCE other female counterparts from
 other schools. We were just amazed to hear that although the males go just the same grade as the females, the females were admitted to colleges whiles the males were refuse
d admission. I asked  why and the school authorities said it was the affirmative action. It a policy 
some learning institutions to favor females against males in terms of admission even if both sexes got the same grade. Does it truly mean they are the weaker sex? What does 
it mean when they say some things are for men only? I know for sure that women play soccer nowadays – they even have a world cup to celebrate such talents. Mohammed Ali was a good
 boxer, I read his daughter is  also punching and picking up a few on her jaws too. What are the areas where women are not supposed to go? Why should 
a woman  be given preferential treatment over me just because she has two X chromosomes and I only have  one? Do we even get the chance to choose our sexes before we are born? If you are reading this and you really know something about this then tell me because I think I missed a step during my pregnancy stage?


Gameli Magnus Adzaho said...

Hilarious! Why why?

Edward: said...

There are more questions than answers!!!

Eche Sica said...

Thanks for bringing up these issues...funny as it sounds; these are questions I’ve thought about myself. I kind of guess there should be answers somewhere and some may be tempted to classify this as whining but then these are real issues.

one more thing...why do men tend to have seemingly uncontrollable and higher sexual urges?

Edward: said...

@ Eche || Hmmmmm Eche about this sex drive issue, it somewhat complicated. I do agree with you though about it being a question to be answered.

I read from somewhere some time back that girls do have sex drives as much as guys do the only difference is that they are great at suppressing their sexual feelings due to socialization and civilization. The book could be wrong though

MIghTy African said...

nice blog post! I always wondered about some of these too.

Edward: said...

@ Ato || Thanks. I think these answers are out there somewhere. Once we decide to solve the puzzle we will surely get the answers


Like Gameli said, there are more questions than answers and I fully agree with him. Whatever the question tho, I also agree with you that the are answers somewhere. However, we as human beings, knowing ourselves as superior of all other beings on this earth tend to take pride in our ability to ask such questions and disregard our limitations. We cant answer all the questions we ask and it is as simple as that. The earth and for that matter the world is so big that we are not even fit to be called a particle in it. Once none of us was present when God created the earth (for skeptics, when the BIG BANG occurred), we surely cant know everything about the world. How long do we even live on this earth?
I'd like to call it a fact that, its only the creator or anyone available during the creation who can provide answers about what is created.
several scientific explanations have been given to some observations and several formulas developed, but trust me when I tell you that as imperfect as they may be, they tell about only a chunk of the truth and not all about it. Just consider the amounts of assumptions that have to be considered before such formulars and explanations hold.
Same applies to the situation about the term 'black' being assigned to 'bad' stuffs. It started long ago and the effect is being experienced now that it has to do with human beings as well.

Nii said...

@ Bright|| I believe man has found answers to most of the questions that confront him. And I am very sure if we delve deeper into these matters, more unanswered questions will be solved.

God will never hide anything form the people he wants to get closer to. It is his wish that we all get to understand him better than we do currently.


Trust me Nii when I tell man is no where near the solutions to the questions and problem he faces in this world. Just look around you, does it look like its a problem solved? No man... I do acknowledge the attempts made, but these do more harm than good cos they dont answer the questions completely. What answers are u talking about? the cars, mobile telecommunication? these are not solutions man, they are things to get by. think about the diseases that plaque our world, the negativities associated with the word 'black', hunger and starvation et al. Now you mention God, I'd like to say that most of these have been prophesised, have to come to pass, and thers nothing man can do about them. the answers are there somewhere, but trust me, its beyond the reach of ordinary man.

michael( MAD CAW) said...

Black is beauty and of power. Is the ideology our forefathers left us that is diminishing our status in life.they made us believe black is a sickness because the white man fooled them into getting what they got.Is not all about riches bro, is how you make your life and the end makes u what you are.the great men of the past were never born rich. they came naked and make it with snow-white clothings.thats what we gotta thing off. thats what we will be if we ignore those medieval thoughts and press for our future. Black is the best thing to be