Friday, August 7, 2009

Freedom of Religion- where does it end?

Freedom of Religion is a part of most constitutional documents which permits the practice, preaching and propagation of any religion as a fundamental right. I must say however that the abuse of this human right has caused mankind a lot more than we can bear.

In Nigeria, a couple of young armed citizens embarked on an uprising killing hundreds and wounding thousands in the process. They claimed the nation was lost and corrupted by Western education. According to them true Muslims were the uneducated. Once again in the name of religion many souls perished and properties were lost.

In Sudan a lady is currently being tried by the supreme court for indecent dressing and if found guilty faces up to 40 strokes of lashes from the long arms of their Islamic laws. Many have been deceived by some religious extremists to believe in some concepts that are set on pillars outside human comfort. I believe ignorance plays a part in most of these instances.

Else how could Jim Jones of British Guiana tell more than 900 of his followers to drink poison and die, with the belief of being saved? How could David Koresh persuade 20 of his followers, lock themselves up in a building, and set it on fire in Texas? In Uganda, the Movement for the Restoration of Commandments had about 500 of its congregants agree to commit mass suicide in the church building, which was later set ablaze by the propagators of this insane crusade. Many young Muslims are trained by Al-Qaeda agents to blow themselves up and die in the name of religion.

I believe religion was invented so that man will be inclined to a higher being for salvation , comfort, protection or wealth. Some believe in Karma, Allah, God, personalities, Satan etc. I believe it is very healthy that most constitutions permit people to put their faith into whatever elements they want. But when these beliefs go on further to cause the loss of lives and property then I believe there has been an abuse of this fundamental human right. Don't be a victim because whatever you believe in needs you alive to give it more fame!


Obed Sarpong said...

good piece here ma. It's a world of trouble, with troubled people and troubled religions

Edward: said...

We should not allow Religion to rule us. Life is more important than any other thing!

Anonymous said...

I really love this post. Thanks for this and hopefully people will begin to realize that despite all the religions in the world, in the end the heart is were the decision lies :)