Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Accra gets flooded....again!

Just after about two hours of rains yesterday the city of Accra got flooded, leading to the collapse of bill boards and buildings in the city. This is a yearly situation that is slowing down the progress of Ghana as a country. What is surprising about these issues, is the blame-game carried out by bodies supposed to ensure the implementation of bye-laws in metropolitan areas.

The ordinary citizen blames the AMA, the AMA blames the lands commission, whiles the Lands Commission blames the citizenry for not obeying simple laid out rules and regulations. There is one thing that is clear though, this situation has happen more than once, or twice. It is a has become a yearly ritual Ghanaians have become used to and prepare for around rainy seasons every year.

Frankly, I dont think the world should come to our aid should our capital be consumed one day by uncontrolled floods because this is a problem that has been staring at us in the face for the past decade and even beyond. The ealier a long lasting non-political solution was proposed to this epidemic, the better.


Nana Fredua-Agyeman said...

Thanks Tagoe for bringing this up again. I have blogged about it before. The thing is that we the citizenry continue to bribe authorities to permit us to site our structures at unauthorised places and when the floods come and our buildings get washed away we blame these same authorities. If the authorities decide to pull down these structures we go on air to talk about how the government has lost it all and don't even care for the ordinary Ghanaian. Some Human Rights activist who don't have any right to protect also come in and make similar comments. Since elections is about numbers the government also do not have the will power to continue with the exercise and he stops. So who started it. If one would obtain the required papers to build one would realise that the place he is going to put up his/her structure is an unauthorised place. But we choose to cut corners. This flood would remain with us till we all change our attitudes...

Edward of PathGhana said...

@ Nana- I think we need to vote into power leaders who are not afraid to make tough decisions. Until then we will always have those that please the masses!