Friday, May 7, 2010

My Mother's Day!

Down our inner selves they laid their souls and voices

From the nights after our tags were handed to us

Till these days of cash vacations

Mama has grown with my dreams

And pushed our fears over the tick cliffs

Will few pebbles in hand and no jewels to adorn her with

I can only spill back the milk she filled my belly with

Through the dark days when, days were yet to begin

And nights refused to follow its usual route

She, taken a sip of the sour wine, so I wouldn’t have to

Of all the true lovers of God’s plan, Abena I cherish the most


jacqueline said...

wonderful piece.excellent.ur Mom should definately see this and i knw she is already proud of u as her

Edward said...

Thanks Jackie.

Mother's Day Philippines said...

Nice piece! I like the way you write, very meaningful. I am sure your mom was very proud for you. Thanks for sharing.