Thursday, July 15, 2010

Five reasons why you will definitely love AfroChic

I am always excited when people add innovation and spice to the old and traditional ways of doing things, especially in Ghana. I found it even more motivating when I realized the twist was more into the technological area.

Esi Cleland and Adwoa Perbi are the co-founders of Afro-chic. These two self-motivated ladies have put together an online clothing store that displays and sells Afro-centric clothing. I fell in love with them (not the ladies but the clothes!) at first sight. Besides the African beauty the online presents to its customer, you will love them for these five other reason.

AfroChic presents variety
Nana, Naa and Kafui present its shoppers a basket that contains over 300 different shapes and sizes of African costumes. And this number keeps on increasing by the day. If you are interested in GTP, ATL, Woodin, DaViva, Batik or Basin fabric, then click on AfroChic and get one for yourself

The Online shop can be trusted
AfroChic delivers purchased items within two working days. The company also offers refunds just in case you are not happy with the purchase made.

Items in the store are affordable
I was amazed to learn from one of the co-founders that the most expensive piece doesn't cost more than GHc 40.00. This is definitely in the normal Ghanaian's range, whether you are buying it for yourself or as a gift.

AfroChic cares about you
Yes, they sell clothing but they also believe that the people who make the purchases need to be treated well and with respect. Try giving them a call, a warm welcoming voice will speak to you.

AfroChic gives more
They don't just make clothing. They make clothing that fits into people's lifestyle, and that will invite compliments. Once they get to know and understand who the customer is, they can make an outfit that will suit the individual.

Give them a try, let me know how it goes. I believe with such additions to our businesses, customers can begin to experience the level of customer service experienced elsewhere.


jacqueline said...

i want one then have been even thinkink lately og´f wearing dresses made of african cloth or so ....

Ms. Cleland said...

Oh, so Tagoe, you didn't fall in love with us? hehe. Thanks for the shout.

@Jacqueline, place your order asap and i'll personally deliver it to your doorstep. I can even help you choose which dresses will work best with your body and get you the most compliments. Looking forward to knowing you.

jacqueline said...

@Esi , suprise huh ..been reading ya blog also thru Tagoe blogger and i really love ur blog ,its o real .. i will personally come there with Tagoe soon to get some of ya clothes
now i cant cos am overseas ...
looking to forward to meet ya too ...

Edward of PathGhana said...

@Esi, heheeh, oh yes I really needed to make that clarification.
Anyway, Jackie will be in Gh in August, when she comes, I will make time and pass by AfroChic with her!!
Just make my commission ready!!