Friday, August 6, 2010

NandiMobile - Empowering Connections!

Very soon, Ghanaians will heave a sigh of relief as they will be provided with an opportunity to get closer to companies that offer products and services in the country. NandiMobile is a technology company that offers channels with its Gripeline and Infoline services for businesses in Africa to offer customer support and business information to their customers via mobile.

With the Gripeline service businesses are now just an SMS away from their customers. Users with mobile phones can complain, comment, give feedback or ask a question and of course obtain a response from the other end.

It is also the company’s objective to make business information and details easily accessible to a majority of the population. NandiMobile through its Infoline service will offer the Ghanaian public the opportunity to access such information via mobile just by sending a keyword to a short code. By leveraging the high mobile penetration in Africa, NandiMobile seeks to become a pan-African company that will re-define global customer service experience by using simple and accessible technologies.

NandiMobile is but one of the many companies in the Meltwater Incubator funded by the Meltwater Foundation. With a strong and dedicated management team, the company will create customer service technologies that will enable businesses connect to their customers through their mobile phones and easily engage, inform and manage their customer relationships. Pay the company a visit on their website and watch out for the launch of the services in September!

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