Wednesday, February 2, 2011

3 reasons why I loved Online 2011

On January 27th and 28th the Popout team, organised one of Ghana's most inspiring technology conferences at th Kofi Anna Center of Excellence. I must say I was very much impressed with the outcome of Online 2011. Kudos to Maximus Ametorgoh and his team of change-makers.

Online 2011 an innovative initiative to grow the business of technology in Ghana. It brought together successful IT companies as well as web and mobile start-up in Ghana. This offered us a platform to discuss common themes. I will remember Online 2011 for three main reasons;

1. Dorothy's advice
I got inspired by a speech given by Dorothy Gordon, the Director of AITI. In her informal address, she encouraged developers to look into the more developed arena and find out what elements can be borrowed to help developing nations like Ghana. She also went on to introduce the audience to the Word-Summit Awards competition and encouraged us all to apply.

2. A market of ideas
Launch conference provided opportunity to lots of start-ups in the software and IT sector to expose their talents as well as their services and products. I got the chance to listen to young individuals from DreamOval, LetiGames, Platinum Technologies, Esoko and so many other interesting companies. For me, listening to these persons heightened my passion and hunger for greater goals.

3. Ghana's online payment problem got solved
Sheila, CEO of Platinum Technologies, at the conference provided all attendees with her company's cool InCharge card. With this card individuals in the country could make purchases online and also allowed merchants sell goods and services on their website. I came out of the conference knowing the Ghanaian software entrepreneurs' biggest headache will be resolved in the shortest possible time.


gamelmag said...

I hope the guys at Platinum Technologies hit the nail on the head this time. This hydra-headed payment problem must be sorted immediately for business to flow.

Thanks for the info.

Edward of PathGhana said...

Well said my brother. This has been a thorn in our flesh. I'm hopeful something encouraging will come out of this project.

Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Don aMOEBa said...

Great read, awesome to know such a project coming out. I just hope that it stays and it doesn't become a 9 day wonder.

CY said...

1. Borrow from here, borrow from there leads to quack software developers. Any one with an IDE thinks they're a developer. Please borrow with some sense.

2. Ghana's tech scene seems to be taking off. Yay!!!

3. Every few years someone comes along who claims to have solved Ghana's payment problem, yet years pass by and I still can't buy my fufu online. I wish these guys well; let's see how far they can take their project.

CY said...

Hey their site is acting funny.
They wanna handle payments?! #REDFLAG.