Tuesday, March 29, 2011

AlertGh mobile service launched in Ghana

On Thursday last week, a new mobile alert service was launched by Esanoya. This launch comes at a time when many tech start-ups especially those in the Meltwater Incubator are gearing up to provide value added web and mobile services in Ghana. AlertGh is a mobile information service that allows subscribers to receive free alerts on their interest.

The service sends timely and relevant alerts for free. Such alerts include items on local and international news, health, sports, events, and entertainment. Esanoya is able to offer and sustain this service by offering an avenue for businesses to place targeted ads in the alerts. End-users end up benefiting from the information contained in the SMS alert, as well as from the targeted ads placed in the text messages by the sponsoring company. This SMS service seeks to provide benefits to all parties involved without violating the rights and privacies of end-users.

Users who are interested in this service can subscribe by SMS or by signing up on the AlertGh webpage.
  • For SPORTS fans: Text SPORTS, your Age, Sex (M or F) and the league (ENGLAND, ITALY, FRANCE, GERMANY, SPAIN or GHANA, or ALL) to 1945.
  • For NEWS fans: Text NEWS, your Age, Sex (M or F) and the news type (LOCAL, AFRICA, WORLD, BUSINESS or ALL) to 1945.
  • For other content types: Text JOIN, your age, sex (M or F) and content type (more available on the website) to 1945.
eg . JOIN 21 F Health

It is completely an 'opt in' service. Users can stop alerts by unsubscribing on the website or by simply sending “ OUT” to 1945.

One of the co-founders of Esanoya, expressed his enthusiasm and passion for this alert service.
“There's so much happening around that you sometimes get overwhelmed. When did this or that happen? You wish you heard or got to know of something that interests you an hour, a day or a week earlier. You wish you got only the relevant part of the information as soon as it happened. Fact is you hardly have enough time to watch television or listen to the radio and you don't carry them with you on the go. But you have the power right on you mobile phone. Esanoya gives you the freedom to receive alerts of your interest through text messages”
To start receiving alerts on your favorite topics, go ahead and sign up right now.

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Anonymous said...

Spot on!! Mobile phones are currently one of the priceless real estates whose potential hasn't yet been tapped especially when it comes to reaching African consumers with relevant services. I can just imagine the power and freedom this service brings Ghanaians in their quest to staying in the know on ranging from politics to sports.