Wednesday, March 23, 2011

No merger between Nokia and Microsoft

In February this year, Nokia announced a partnership with Microsoft. The partnership will allow Nokia adopt Windows as its primary platform for all of its smartphones. This decision became necessary after Nokia realized the competitive edge its rivals ,Google and Apple had over the Finnish company.

After this partnership, many people have speculated an acquisition or merger between the two giants. To clear the air, the CEO of Nokia, Stephen Elop speaking recently in Dubai during an interactice session with the media drawn across the Midddle East and Africa, came out to explain that no discussions of a merger have been initiated by either company.

According to Elop, the adoption of windows as the platform for Nokia’s smartphone strategy was a mutually beneficial relationship between Nokia and Microsoft. He maintained that the issue of merger or acquisition was never tabled for consideration by either of the parties. Stephen Elop also disclosed that Nokia was working round the clock to ensure that the first Nokia smartphone hits the market in the very near future.

Although Nokia intends to adopt the Windows platform for its smart phones, the company has not lost sight of the over 200 million Symbian market. Nokia’s huge market share in mobile phones is a good business case for mobile application developers to continue building innovative apps on symbian platform. Nokia's Chief Executive promised that Nokia would reward such disproportionate achievements with disproportionate investments.


vetex007 said...

Nokia is a company from Finland.

Nana Fredua-Agyeman said...

My only problem is wouldn't the problems we face with windows be carried over to that platform? And I thought microsoft was also working towards their own smartphone?

Edward of PathGhana said...

Thank you very much Vetex for pointing out the oversight. It's been corrected. I appreciate your feedback.

Nokia Ghana said...

@Nana Fredua: In response to your comment I wish to say that Nokia is working with Microsoft with the sole aim of developing Nokia smartphones built on the windows platform. We are jointly committed to providing a winning solution that will revolutionize the global mobile phone industry. Each party brings into this partnership its individual strength, the combination of which should give a pleasant experience. - on behalf of Nokia

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