Saturday, June 4, 2011

The revolution of the web hits Ghana

Yesterday, Founder and technical director of Asilia wrote a blog post on in which he highlighted 5 reasons why Ghana is the next African app powerhouse. I couldn't agree with him more. One other reason I would want to add to his 5 points is, the obvious rise in interest in technology activities among Ghanaians.

Yesterday, I attended Web@2011 conference at the Kofi Annan Center of Excellence in Accra where I was given the opportunity to present on the topic Driving traffic to your website. I was amazed at the different sectors of life the participants came from. There were some folks from Education, Media, Marketing, Business and Health. This comes after the Online 2011 conference organised by the same organiser, Maximus of PopoutWeb in April where the same trend was observed.

Ghanaians are gradually beginning to realize, technology can help us improve our lives, thus the expression of interest in IT. Speakers who were present at the Web@2011 event included the 'Bill Gates of Ghana' -Herman Chinery-Hesse (Founder of the SoftTribe). Herman presented an informative session on how to create wealth on the World Wide Web. Thomas Hess (Founder of ExplainerDC) followed with his presentation on E-mail marketing using his product Rocketseed as a case study. Charles Hansen-Quao of DreamOval highlighted the need for a user friendly website. Charles presented the audience with some free online tools with which webmasters can improve and test the speed of websites.

After lunch, attendees got a live demonstration of the payment system developed by Sheila Bartels-Sam's InCharge. InCharge is really solving the online payment problem within the country, making it easier now for local merchants to accept payment for the services rendered. Africa's first i-phone game developer, Eyram Tawia (Founder, Leti Games) offered his perspective from the Gaming world, after which Michael Dakwa, Co-Founder of Nandimobile spoke on Content Development for the Web


gamelmag said...

Great post and summary of events. Those of us who couldn't come truly missed a lot. Internet penetration in Ghana is soaring and more space is being created for innovation. Let's all join our hands to the wheel to make the web a better place!

Edward of PathGhana said...

It's all up to us. Let's have all hands on deck, despite the challenge. It is possible!

Apom said...

We all have to join hands in this web business because it the future. I was there and i happen to make some contacts as well. Keep it up guys...Edward, i missed the presentation on how to drive traffic to once site, can you send me the slides. thanks

Edward of PathGhana said...

Sure. I will e-mail to you shortly.
It was nice talking to you Barnabas at the event. Am happy your website is attracting traffic, and bravo on your partnerships.